About Deora Group

Corporate Profile

Although Sampat Heavy Engineering’s expansion into being the world’s leading cable and conductor machinery manufacturer perseverance, and single-minded dedication that went into our phenomenal growth into the new millennium.

Aims & Mission Statement

“Customer Satisfaction being the basic denominator of our corporate creed, the Company expects to fulfill client expectation by harnessing the technical/engineering expertise of those qualified & experienced professionals who are committed to their work. Sampat believes in knowledge & action in working to achieve product performance.”

With our targets well-defined, the Company has since 1971 conducted intensive R & D exercises to improve product function and performance aimed at those objectives that have generated the finest and most exemplary range of machines for the wire industry.

Adapting & Customizing

The Company is continually geared and equipped to face new challenges in product requirement and applications, and newer, more complex configurations and combinations of cables and conductors, requiring variations and newer assemblies of machinery.

    • Sampat’s three-pronged approach to its clientele can be summarized thus
      • High systems approach for custom designed integrated manufacturing lines with optimum quality and lower production costs
      • Customer satisfaction through efficient customer service,
      • Proving to our clients that we are partners in improving profitability
    • Sampat’s three-pronged approach to its clientele can be summarized thus
      • are cost efficient
      • are user-friendly
      • are consistent in performance
      • need little maintenance
      • deliver precise product quality
      • are backed by real customer service
Sampat’s long term commitment to society is a continual effort to reach out to millions who benefit from our machines--- homes, factories, offices, farm lands, villages, and huge industries where power transmission creates the vital experience of living, growing, and enabling productivity for a vibrant, teeming civilization.