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pointing cum stringing machine

Main Features for 'SAMPAT' Pointing Machine :
The grooves on roll of the pointing Machine are eccentric there fore pointing roll runs in one direction, hence you can point the wire in desired size.
The rolls are made from a special Alloy Steel. The rolls are heat treated ground and hard chrome plated therefore the life of the roll is very long.
The machine is driven by a Geared Motor so no power loss.
The machine is suitable for pointing M.S. Wire, Aluminium Alloy Wire, Copper Wire, High Carbon Steel Wire.
The cost of the machine is very economical.
Specification :
'SAMPAT' Pointing Machine is suitable for pointing copper Wire, Aluminium Alloy Wire & M.S. Wire Size 12mm to 3mm dia. The Pointing Machine having the best quality of Alloy Steel Rolls having high wear resistance duly hardened and ground. The finishing of the pointing Machine is excellent because the positive drive is given by a geared motor and both the rollers are rotating on the one side having eccentric groove therefore the pointing of the wire is excellent