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Capacity 15 M / Tones (Per Shift)
Approx. Dimensions of bath 4200 x 1800 x 700 mm.
Type of fuel to be used Furnace Oil
Quantity of fuel / MT required Approx. 100 lts. / MT
Max. operating Temp. 800 Centigrade
Heat to be maintained A heat of 15% to be maintained
Melting rate 3000 Kgs. / hr.
Max. weight of ingot charged at a time 3000 Kgs. / hr.
Type of burners Low air pressure rotovac type
No. of burners 2 Nos.
Type of Blowers Centrifugal blowers
No. of Blowers No.1
Volumetric discharge capacity of each blower and its H.P. 2500 Nm³/hr. at 770 Hg. 15 HP
Charging Material Aluminium Saw
Holding Capacity 15 M.T. Molten Aluminium
Effective Chamber Size 3000 mmW x 4000 mmL x 500 mm Depth
Over all Chamber Size 3000 mmW x 4000 mmL x 1400 mm H
Normal Operating Temp. 750 Centigrade
Maximum Operating Temp. 850 Centigrade
Temp. Controlling Zones 1 No. Digital Control for Molten Metal + 1 No. Digital Control for Chamber Temp.
Type of Fuel L-D.O. / Furnace oil of Calorific value 10,000 kilo Cal./ Kg. preheated to 90 Sec. red wood.