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core laying up machine

Type Craddle Rotating Type
Drum Size Flange Dia: 1200mm
Traverse : 500mm
Drive 40HP A C Motor
Sector Shape Device Separate sector shape device
will provided after die holder unit
Tension Adjustment Band Type-Adjustable
No. of Bobbins Four arranged in One Cage
Bobbin Size Flange dia: 900mm
Traverse : 450mm
Craddles 800 RPM – 1000 RPM
Back Twist Arrangement The machine can run in rigid or Planetary Type
Main Drive 40HP SPDP Slipring Induction Motor with drum controller
Cage Speed 10 RPM/20 RPM
Direction of Rotation Clockwise and Anticlockwise
Cage Support One end on bearing & other end on under Rollers
Brake Pneumatic Brake
Guide Rollers Hardened rollers at suitable exit position of the rollers
Lay Plate Suitable for three and four cores will be Provided
Die of Cores to be laid 30-40. (Max)
Die of laid up cores 75mm (Max)