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Today aluminium wire rods, helically bound for local distribution & exports are the mainstay of the Sampat Aluminium Pvt. Ltd. We at Sampat have gone onwards from making and exporting ingots to manufacturing & exporting finished aluminium wire rods for export to Europe, USA, the Middle East, and South East Asia, all in a short period of two years.

Under the leadership of Shri Vimal Deora, the Chairman and CEO, and Shri Sanjay Deora, Director, the Deora Group's flagship company has not only nudged foreign shores with quality products in the form of finished aluminium wire rods, but has penetrated deep into the non-ferrous markets by virtue of being cost efficient and excelling in sheer product integrity.

In-house plant maintenance and machine shop provides Sampat Aluminium with a distinct advantage in widening the product range from shots, ingots, notch bars, to aluminium wire rods (flip-coiled and EC grade). By combining technical prowess with management strategy, Sampat today is poised to achieve greater growth in the next five year span of 2003-2008.

Sampat manufactures a range of continuously cast and hot rolled aluminium and aluminium rod via the Properzi process.

Aluminium and its alloys are specified for a variety of mechanical and electrical applications including distribution and transmission of electricity and in the manufacture of transformers.

Aluminium rod and wire is produced in diameters ranging from 0.5mm to 12mm. Wire for overhead conductors are manufactured from a high purity electrical conductivity grade of aluminium corresponding to International registered Designation 1350.

Aluminium alloy wires used for all-aluminium conductors are drawn from both heat treated and non-heat treated alloys.

These alloys contain small controlled additions of alloying elements and conform to International Registered Designations 1120 and 6201.

Sampat is the major Australian supplier of high strength, high conductivity alloy 1120. The use of 1120 in standard overhead conductors can eliminate the need for steel cores.


  • High strength 5-series and 6-series alloy wire for mechanical fittings, fasteners, rivets and staples
  • Alloy wire for corrosion resistant chain link and barbed wire fencing
  • High purity wire for metal spray systems and anodizing plant

Aluminium Rod for Redraw

Size Range Specifications Alloys Tempers
ASTM B233 1350 H12, H14, H16
BS 2627 1120 On application (150-180 MPa)
ACD* 6201A 185 MPa minimum
Pack Size Pack Mass Pack Dimensions Pack Lengths
Continuous layer - wound packs, steel strapped Normal 2000kg OD:1300mm
(at 2000kg)
9.5mm=10.5km approx
12mm=6.5km approx
Steel drum (6201 A only) 1500kg OD:1700mm

* Refers to the Handbook of the Aluminium Development Council of Australia

Aluminium Wire

Size Range Specifications Alloys Tempers
0.5mm - 12mm AS 1531, AS 1865
BS 2627
6201 A
Annealed and all intermediate and heat treated tempers up to hard drawn
Pack Size Pack Mass Pack Dimensions Pack Lengths
Bare or wrapped coils Steel and wooden drums or spools Wooden or plastic reels 10-50kg
ID: 560mm
Various options available
Dependent on product size and packaging

* Refers to the Handbook of the Aluminium Development Council of Australia